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I love these bags! I had one for probably 8 years and I brought it on every trip I went on. It finally got a tear because I pushed it too hard by trying to carry multiple big water bottles from convenience store to hotel along the Vegas strip. Added to my Christmas wish list but couldn’t wait! Had to get another immediately. Love this print as well. Perfect for beach or city!

Beautiful and sturdy

These bags are the perfect size, not too big and heavy when full. They’re beautiful, strong, and get lots of compliments


I like the colors, and the quality
I expected them to be larger by the pictures I saw on TV
I would purchase from this company again though -my first order did not arrive and they quickly took care of the issue. I like the new arrivals too!!

Love, Love Bags

Love the convenience of the hooks. I have one one my purse at all times. Also include an extra in my suitcase. Very sturdy and easily folds into attached pouch.

Only Bags I Use

The Love Bags are the only bags I use for all my shopping needs. I now purchase them to share with friends and family so they can feel the "love"!

These are holiday gifts and couldn’t be more beautiful!


ADORE my new adorable LOVE hip pack! I LOVE IT!!! 😍 Sooo cute and amazing quality and comfort! The slightly stretchy straps are very nice! I’m wearing it everywhere daily!

Stash It - Piña Colada
Rachelle Elliott
My favorite bag

I purchased my first love bag stash it 10 years ago and it’s just now getting a tiny hole. That’s unbelievable for continued use over 10 years! I’m excited for my new Pina colada print. Thanks for making such a great bag. It’s convenient to always have on my and comfortable to wear all day while exploring a new city while traveling or carrying the essentials at a long day at Disney etc.

Best Bag Ever!!

These are the greatest! With so many stores now going bagless, they are perfect. They fold up so small that you can always tuck them away easily and always have one with you. I keep one in my purse, several in my car. I have given so many as gifts and everyone loves them!

Love this bag!

I always wanted a bag to carry stuff to work. This fits the bill, so light weight and manageable. Holds my sweater to water bottle.

Stash Backpack - Groovy Love

Great bag

Love these bags. I use mine when I go to the farmer’s market. Really handy to keep in my purse or car!

Stash It - Ocean Tyde
Kristen Barber

Love these bags 5 stars 🌟

Crossbody Stash It Tote Bag - Turtle Bay (with extra long strap)
Judy Kelvas
Best bags ever!!

I had bought one bag years ago and it is always in my purse…the newest bags are even better, they have a zipper closure. Best purchase!!

Stash It - Blue Hawaii
Randi Nelson

Stash It - Blue Hawaii

Stash It - Piña Colada
Robbie Chenault
Love this tote!

A friend loaned me hers for a flight and I was hooked. So light and hols so much. I bought 3 for gifts. Best gift ever!!

Stash It - Ocean Tyde
Kimberly Randal
GREAT bags for everything!

From my ocean tide “stash it” being not only - GORGEOUS, it’s strong / sturdy with a nice LONG handle! This lives in my purse! To the Love Sack (smaller than I expected) being THE PERFECT grab a bunch of stuff to bring with me! I love that it’s more of a shaped bag that can help to keep items upright. Finally, the zippity-do-dah is another “lives in my bigger purses” and carries all of my everyday makeup (lipglosses, etc.). The best part - I know what I’m getting people for Christmas!! I 💙💙💙 my bags!

Stash It Tote Bag - Sunny Dayz
Lucie Chastain

Stash It Tote Bag - Sunny Dayz

Stash It - Blue Hawaii
Kristen Barber
Perfect bag for the beach

Love it !

Crossbody Stash It Tote Bag - Wavy Gravy (with extra long strap)
Wavy Gravy

Love my crossbody stash! Will be used many ways- beach,grocery etc. Love that it all fits into one lil pouch when not in use.

Greatest bags!

Amazing size to hold quite a bit of items!


It’s larger than I expected

Stash It Tote Bag - Cat's Meow
Noreen Fabre Stahl
Useful and handy bag

I bought a Cat's Meow bag a few years ago, not because I needed another bag but because it was super cute so I thought why not? I use it all the time now. It's so useful, strong, roomy and cute!😍


I wish all sacks had the option to not have White handles. They get so dirty. For a fee of course. Then I could order all the colors!❤️

Stash It - Love Maze
Deborah Feltz

A family member lent me hers while we were in the city. Great bag, had to have one for myself.