The STASH IT is a super convenient, lightweight, washable shopping tote that stuffs into its own attached stretchy pouch. It’s the perfect space saver that can tuck into a purse or pocket. This super roomy, gusseted tote is cleverly designed with a quick clip and can hold up to 35 lbs. It’s so fun and convenient, you’ll never forget your bags again.

13”H x 15”W x 5”D open, 4.5”H x 3”W x 2”D “stashed”.
Main fabric made from recycled plastic bottles (100% rPET Yarn)

Ocean Tyde

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Louise Sheingold
Amazing bag

I bought this bag to have with me all the time and it has fit the bill. It fits compactly into even a fanny bag or you can hang it by the convenient hook. Love this bag!

Paloma Hernandez
Love it!

I loved the bag. It is so convenient to carry in your purse and have it readily available when needed. Because it can be folded into it's own little pouch is awesome because it takes no room in your purse. I am definitely going to order more.

Laura Friedman

Everything I need in a bag. I was just on vacay and I used it 4 shopping and by the pool for all my stuff.

Love bag

Love love love these bags. I bought 4 and absolutely so convenient to use and then fold back up in its lit'l pouch. I keep one hanging on my backpack. Very handy to use as a workout bag, purse, grocery bag, etc.

Kathleen Regan
Didn't WANT to like it

I really didn't want to like this. I mean with all these .$.99 bags you can buy out there or free bags that you might get I didn't want to like this one. AND i have had one of those "roll the bag back up to be really small" and i never could get it rolled back up the same and it ended up just being another big bag. BUT this one is different. It is so simple and easy to roll and un roll into a small parcel and it comes with a hook like they use for mountain climbing I think and it it is easy to clip on anywhere and clip off when at the store. Living in NYC you NEVER know when you will be out for the day and need a bag and this one is so easy to clip on and off whatever purse or knapsack I am using that day. So, yes, I didn't want to love this but seriously it is worth paying a little extra for.