Heading out to the farmer’s market? Take your TRIO TOTE with you. It is a large tote with 3 outer pockets for easy storage of wine bottles, water bottles, juice bottles, etc. From now on, the glass bottles won’t smash your food or damage your goods. It is made from durable polyester fabric that is washable and lab tested to meet strict consumer safety guidelines. It’s the perfect tote for any occasion.

 16”H x 20”W x 9”D
Main fabric made from recycled plastic bottles (100% RPET Yarn)

Customer Reviews

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Emily Petersen
Most epic bag ever!

I've had my tote now going on 8 years, the zipper finally busted, and the interior is a little funky, but I have used this bag as my actual purse, for everyday for the last 8 years. I have two big dogs, and work a lot, so it carries, all my food, their food, and whatever else I need to survive. It's my Mary Poppins bag for sure. I'm so glad that you guys are still making them, I've had several other bags in similar style, but the fabric bags don't work well in high humidity for long, the material you guys use is so durable, my bag it's pretty much perfect except for the insulation and the ziper.

Carol Uibopuu
PERFECT size for a real grocery shopping trip

Just the right size for grocery shopping, now that the plastic bag prohibition is in effect. The reusable ones they sell at the grocery store are often too small, so you have to buy several. The tote bags are great for the bulkier items. Love them!

Debbie Haim
Nice size

Love this bag!! Can’t wait to use it all summer long

Cynthia Gerber
My weekly Farmers market bag!

This is perhaps my favorite LOVE bag so far! It’s big and roomy and I love the outside pockets! I bought it to take to the farmers market. It’s sturdy and should last pretty much forever! It would also be great for the beach or a picnic. But I shop at the farmers market every week and this is going to be the bag I bring every time! I believe I have at least one of each type of LOVE bag now and the quality is great!! The patterns are beautiful! They make great gifts! And I absolutely love that they are made from recycled materials! It doesn’t do the planet any good if we recycle if we don’t also purchase products that are made from recycled materials! ❤️

Trio Tote--Best Beach Bag ever created!

I live on an island year-round. I am an experienced beach goer. This bag is the absolute best. After finding it a few years ago, I have never left home without it. It is the perfect size for four or five neatly folded towels, a couple of large water bottles, a couple of snacks, and a book. And the three pockets on the outside serve to perfectly hold cell phones, keys, suntan lotion, a bottle opener and sunglasses (and now masks, as well). It's just absolutely perfect! We live in a humid environment and I also am pleased to report that it is highly resistant to mold! I used my bag for years, almost daily. And I finally decided to purchase another one, just to 'freshen up.' I bought two, in fact. It will forever be my beach tote. It has held up sooo well. And I receive complements and inquiries about it every summer.